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We had an overflow turnout for the 3rd Annual UCLA-Harvard Food Law conference, held this year in Los Angeles. The conference addressed the regulation of food marketing to children. The conference flyer and agenda is attached to this email.  We are pleased to report that CSPAN showed up and taped two of our panels and the keynote address by Senator Tom Harkin. CNN will air these parts of the conference on the time schedule, listed below. If you’d like to purchase a DVD or mp3 audio track of any of these videos, you can do so by clicking “purchase a DVD or Download” next to “More information” underneath the videos.

The Science Panel featuring Lori Dorfman (BSMG), Jason Halford (University of Liverpool), Marlene Schwartz (Rudd Center, UConn) and Emilie Aguirre (Moderator, Resnick Program) is scheduled for:

Nov 23, 2016 | 9:16pm EST | C-SPAN 2

Nov 25, 2016 | 2:39am EST | C-SPAN 1

Nov 25, 2016 | 2:24pm EST | C-SPAN 1

The video can be accessed when the time comes and will remain available on the C-SPAN video library:

The Law Panel featuring law Profs. Jacob Gersen (Harvard), Steve Sugarman (Berkeley), Eugene Volokh (UCLA), and Jennifer Pomeranz (Moderator, NYU) has already aired and is scheduled again for:

Nov 21, 2016 | 11:39am EST | C-SPAN 1

Nov 23, 2016 | 4:04am EST | C-SPAN 2Nov 25, 2016 | 4:10pm EST | C-SPAN 1

Nov 25, 2016 | 4:10pm EST | C-SPAN 1

The video for the law panel can be accessed at

Former Senator Harkin’s keynote is scheduled for:

Nov 24, 2016 | 12:03pm EST | C-SPAN 1

Nov 25, 2016 | 10:22pm EST | C-SPAN 1

And can be viewed starting Thanksgiving day at noon:


Michael Roberts and Jacob Gerson

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