Food Law Weekly News Roundup 2/22/19

This week saw some interesting developments in food law and policy news.

1. Gene Editing for Livestock – A Call for Regulatory Overhaul

Gene editing improves animal resistance to costly disease, thereby boosting animal health, reducing necessity for antibiotics, and helping farmers reduce their environmental impact. As of now, the FDA has strict regulatory authority over gene editing in food-producing animals, and as such these animals are treated as a living animal drug. Producers have called for a handover of regulation to USDA. Similarily, researchers have called for the FDA to approve more experiments.

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2. Lab-Grown Meat Oversight Evolves

The US Secretary of Agriculture and FDA Commissioner announced in November a plan for shared FDA/USDA oversight of lab-grown meat, with the FDA managing stem cell collection and USDA managing production and labeling. This agreement will be finalized in the coming months.

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3. 2019 Food Safety Initiatives Released

The Food Marketing Institute Food Protection Committee determined its 2019 food safety initiatves.

1. Leafy Green Outbreak Response

2. Retail Food Safety Leadership Development

3. Supply Chain Food Safety Programs

4. Contamination in Ground Beef

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