Food Law Weekly News Roundup 3/1/19

This week’s latest news was all about food safety and health for consumers.

1. Chicken nuggets and tahini, a match made in Salmonella heaven

The Public Health Agency of Canda has reported 15 salmonella outbreaks due to breaded chicken products since May of 2017, amounting to 534 confirmed cases of illness. Separately, the FDA has investigated 8 illnesses in the US related to an Israeli-imported tahini product, a common sesame dip used to make hummus. The outbreak due to tahini appears to be over, while the chicken nugget outbreak rages on.

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2. FDA prioritizes safety in imported foods

Did you know that other countries supply 32% of fresh vegetables, 55% of fresh fruits, and 94% of seafood to the US? The FDA announced 4 new goals in service of imported food safety, including onsite inspections of foreign facilities, a more rigorous screening process at US borders, swifter recalls, and developing a global database of food facilities and farms.

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3. New study finds New York City restaurant trans fat ban worked

In 2006, New York City banned trans fats in restaurant foods, and now a new scientific study shows that people who ate out four or more times a week saw a 62% reduction in trans fat intake. Given that trans fat has been linked to heart disease, this is an interesting case study for future legislation.

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