Food Law Weekly News Roundup 3/1

NY law requires supermarkets to donate excess to charity

NY State passed a law (first introduced in March 2019) requiring supermarkets and grocery stores to donate excess food, which is determined safe but not sold due to labeling issues, aesthetic flaws, or surplus, to non-profits or religious organizations providing food to the hungry (including food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens). The law goes into effect June 2021 and receiving organizations will be required to pick up the donations from the stores. This will serve to decrease food insecurity in New York while combatting food waste.

Chipotle reaches $15M overtime agreement

Chipotle has agreed to pay $15 million to resolve class claims regarding improper payment of overtime to management trainees based on Department of Labor Overtime Expansion Rule. The employees claim they were wrongly classified as exempt from the new federal overtime rules. This settlement is expected to benefit 4,838 workers with each receiving an average payment of $1,975.

Pilgrim’s Pride Pleads Guilty to Price Fixing Charges

After pleading guilty to charges of price fixing, Pilgrims Pride, a large broiler chicken producer, has been sentenced to pay $107 million in criminal fines. The five year conspiracy to suppress competition for chicken sales impacted over $361 million in Pilgrim’s sales. This case is the result of an ongoing federal antitrust investigation, conducted by the Department of Justice Antitrust division, into price fixing, bid rigging, and other anticompetitive conduct in the broiler chicken industry.



Food Law Weekly News Round Up 4/5

Starbucks reached an agreement with EEOC to settle allegations of bias in promotions Starbucks recently announced that it brokered an agreement with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission earlier to settle allegations of bias against minority workers in its...

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Food Law Weekly News Round Up 3/29

Federal Court Rules Hydroponic Produce can be Certified Organic On March 23rd the US District court for Northern California ruled the USDA can continue certifying hydroponic farming operations as organic under the National Organic Program. The Judge found the “USDA...

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Food Law Weekly News Round Up 3/22

Skippy Peanut Butter Producers Beat JIF Producers Peanut Butter Label Lawsuit  An Ohio federal judge dismissed J.M. Smucker Co.’s (JIF peanut butter producer) request for a declaratory ruling that it would not be infringing on the similarly colored labeling used by...

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