Our goal is not simply to influence debate. We seek outsized impact in the real world.

We Are Primarily Focused In Three Main Areas

In addition, we welcome and support research and teaching on any issue related to food law.

Institutional Food

We explore the law and practice of food provision in institutional settings such as prisons, schools, and the military that have tended to receive lower-quality food products, but continue to supply food to an astounding number of people across the nation.

Food Safety & Food Quality

We consider the relationship between food safety and food quality, and the legal challenges and solutions related to managing our food supply system for optimized output. These two issues are related, but they are also often in conflict: there can be a taste/safety tradeoff, and government regulators have strong incentives to favor safety. This decision process has significant long-term consequences for what we eat and the way we eat it.

Food Information & Transparency

We seek to explain and improve the use of information policies in the law of food. The cornerstone of the U.S. food law system is information provision: people should know what they are eating. Yet, we know remarkably little about how information provision actually affects consumer beliefs and behavior.

Our Perspective

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