A Great Cause Requires Great Leaders

Harvard Law School Professor Jacob Gersen created The Food Law Lab in 2013 and has served as its Director from inception. He holds a Ph.D. and J.D. from the University of Chicago, where he also taught prior to joining Harvard. He is co-editor of Food Law and Policy (with Margot J. Pollans and Michael T. Roberts) and is an expert in food law, administrative law, legislation, and constitutional law.

Our Partners

We partner with organizations that demonstrate an affinity to support our mission. Here are some of the partners of the Food Law Lab Harvard Law School that help make a difference in the work we do.

Collaborators in our Mission

We support institutions and organizations that contribute to education around food law-related concerns. Here are some of the friends of the Harvard Law School Food Law Lab whose work we support:

Fed Up with Obesity Documentary

This documentary focuses on America’s obesity epidemic to reveal how food legislation and food systems are developed and managed and how special interests influence the production, distribution, and consumption of our food.

Harvard Food Law & Policy Clinic

Since 2010, the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic has addressed the health, environmental, and economic consequences of food law and policy. The clinic provides Harvard Law School students with hands-on experience as they work with individuals around issues in nutrition and health, and with small producers around decoding legislation and promoting sustainability.

Resnick Program for Food Law & Policy

The Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy at the UCLA School of Law studies and advances breakthrough solutions for improving the modern food system. The Food Law Lab partners with the Resnick Program to sponsor the annual Food Law and Policy Conference.

Join Our Cause

We welcome others who share our mission to join us. Together, let’s change the law, make the food we eat taste better and healthier, and improve the quality of life of all Americans.