Our food can and should be safer, better and healthier.
Food law can help.

Won’t you join us at the table?

Promoting research, scholarship and innovation in food law.

We work to improve the laws and regulations that govern food and advance the American food experience.

Supporting increased clarity in the legal regulation of food.

We reveal and illuminate the obtuse legal structure around the food we eat to advance more effective regulation and oversight.

Partnering with others in the field to develop new curricular offerings.

We expand the interest focus on food law issues by bringing together students, leading scholars, practitioners, politicians and the public.

Watch “Food Marketing to Children”

We had an overflow turnout for the 3rd Annual UCLA-Harvard Food Law conference, held this year in Los Angeles. The conference addressed the regulation of food marketing to children.

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We welcome others who share our mission to join us. Together, let’s change the law, make the food we eat healthier and improve the quality of life of all Americans.